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EURO-CONSO deals with your contentions

EURO-CONSO fits to your rythm and to your billing system

EURO-CONSO makes economy on your purchasing

EURO-CONSO is constantly concerned with the quality service

Quality service

A commitment to the user. The mission of EURO-CONSO is to respond and supply the purchasing process. Our mission is also to assure a service favouring reactivity and flexibility. All the orders received are dealt in day.

Purchase support

Supplying support

  • Purchase support

    - You are looking for someone with skills to write for you a document with terms ans conditions
    - You are looking for experience to attract new suppliers
    - Vous recherchez une liste de fournisseur fiables
    - You are looking for a reliable list of suppliers authenticated by experts
    - You wish to be helped during the selection period

    EURO-CONSO´s job is to propose you a specialized consultant helping you during the purchasing process. You will then enjoy his experience to accelertae your purchasing need.

    Exemple of intervention led by our experts: plasturgy, opto-electronics, micro-electronics, design and programming of electronic cards, etc...

    Languages spoken: english, italian, spanish, chinese and german

  • Sourcing
    Estimate support

    - You need estimates but you do not have the time to prepare them
    - You know what you want but you don´t have the time to look for someone to buy for you

    EURO-CONSO suggests to study in details your orders and your offers, helping you to choose through a tabular form, according to your PKI, with the name of the suppliers.

  • Offer updating

    - You already have a large number of estimates, but you want to update your prices and the delivery delay
    - Your supplier is too long to answer and you are wasting time calling him back
    - Your CGA are rarely signed and the documents allowing you to work with your suppliers are not updated (certificates, reports,etc...)

    EURO-CONSO takes in charge the updating of your estimates, so that the only thing you will have to do is to authenticate your purchase, your requirements being required.

  • Price optimization

    - You want to buy less expensive, enjoying to gather your request

    EURO-CONSO puts at your disposal the 2000 suppliers referenced by us and the 10 000 annual orders we commission in order to make economy on your purchase price.

  • We buy for you

    - You want to reduce the number of your suppliers
    - You don´t want to deal anymore with the suppliers because you want to concentrate your attention on more essential topics
    - You still want to make sporadic purchase

    We propose to duplicate your supplying complete process and we achieve the purchase for you, respecting your CGA.

Services Includes


Monthly indicators will be sent to you by mail, repeating the requested informations. Mark-Up applied, quantity, unit price...

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We put at your disposal an extranet follow up (in real time) for the treatment of your orders.

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After sales service

The RMA steps can be taken in charge by EURO-CONSO

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Veille préventive

For each acquisition, we organize a veille préventive, in case of a problem with the product acquired.

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Quality approach

In accordance with the ISO norm 9001, we suggest to deal with all kinds of non-compliance.

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We constantly check the good draft of the suppliers estimates to guarantee the conformity of the price fixed and the price charged

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Other services

Appro Improve

We suggest during the acquisition periods, an action called supply performance.

Switch groupage

During the acquisition periods, we can choose another supplyier in case of a larger number of purchase

Hand Beyond the Firm

We can consider to organize a VPN so that a client ran by you could have his duty in our offices

Cash free

It is possible to obtain a delay of the suppliers invoices, in relation with your purchasing general conditions


The invoices can be dematerialized through signature keys solutions, in order to accelerate their treatment.

Countries and VAT

We intervene in all countries and we deal with the VAT problems.