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Facility Trades

We offer enterprises, whatever their size, a management aimed to reduce, simplify, make easier and automate the purchasing process for non strategic and non recurring products, in order to reduce the global acquisition cost.

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Reduce the number of suppliers

Our job is to bring a solution to reduce the number of suppliers, allowing in the same time the factories (R&D department etc...) to continue ordering what is strictly necesary.

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You keep the control

We only intervene in your supplier relationship if you allow us to. You still remain in control of your puchasing. We are only here to make them easier and simplify them.

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Accelerate your stock and supplies

You will have at your disposal tools allowing you to answer more easily in case of payment worries coming from your suppliers.

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Our 16 years of experience become your sourcing...


Reproduction of your supplying process...


Our skills

Quality 85%

Openness 90%

Efficiency 80%

Availability 83%

Our expertise

Recreating the internal environment of a purchase department, EURO-CONSO will allow you to reduce your transaction costs, increase the contol of your supplies and reduce your purchasing costs.


We are at the service of our clients and we defend their interests. We are not a central buying office trading but a company assisting our clients purchasing department

- Grégory ROS / EURO-CONSO Manager.

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